Ivanka Mcdonagh – Blog enthusiast

Hello everyone

My name is Ivanka Mcdonagh and I am a 20 year old woman from Sydney, Australia. Recently I have decided to make a few blogs including my actual name. These blogs are for my different hobbies. Luckily one of my hobbies is blogging!

The below links will take you straight to my blogs.

Ivanka Mcdonagh – WordPress

Ivanka Mcdonagh – Floral arrangements

Ivanka Mcdonagh – Personal Blog

Ivanka Mcdonagh – Blogspot (Random Thoughts)

The links above link directly to their corresponding description. Feel free to click on them and leave comments, subscribe and also critique me on my writing method. This is how I improve my writing.

Here is a link to another one of my posts:

Who I am and what I do? – Ivanka Mcdonagh

Click here for a link to my blogspot – Ivanka Mcdonagh